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Owners/Operators The Tuck Inn B&B Rockport MA

A note from the Innkeepers: Liz and Scott Wood, of the Tuck Inn B&B in Rockport, MA:

Dear Guests,

Although it had never been one of our "life's dreams", Liz and I purchased the derelict Tuck Inn in October 1991 - the month of the Perfect Storm. Following a massive nine month renovation, we became fulltime innkeepers in the spring of 1992, and now there is nothing we would rather be doing.

Initially, we both kept our existing jobs for a brief period until we got the business off the ground and until we became a bit more confident that we'd be able to sustain ourselves. However, after the first several tough years (fortunately), the business turned around. Since then, we have been able to bring The Tuck Inn B&B back to its previous glory and return it to its prior prominence within Rockport, MA and throughout Cape Ann.

Our varied work backgrounds; Liz as a nutritionist, and Scott as an accountant, along with our complementing personalities have proven to be a very good mix, allowing us to work well with each other. We think this will become apparent when you visit, as you'll find a very friendly atmosphere, a well maintained inn and exceptional customer service, along with two down-to-earth innkeepers who are intent on making your vacation stay memorable.

Liz and I have shared 40 years of marriage (to each other no less), raised our 3 children here and are now spoiling our 4 grandchildren, in addition to the last 25 years of inn-keeping at The Tuck Inn. As we begin our 26th season, we are eagerly looking forward to many more years of the same (God willing)!

Prior to our purchase of the inn, and even now (when we do manage to get away), we tend to frequent B&B's. When we have, we have always felt that at bed and breakfasts whether you are taking a long-term vacation, a short holiday or just enjoying a brief weekend getaway, that there should be a relaxed "Home Away From Home" atmosphere. And that is just the type of feeling that we believe we have created here at The Tuck Inn.

Consequently, over the last 25 years, we have been ever mindful to treat our guests just as we prefer to be treated; which we think we have succeeded in doing. Furthermore, we vow to continue to improve upon our services and to offer ever-increasing value to you - our guests as well. Our approach as innkeepers has always been (and remains) that:

A.) Upon entering our door, every guest or visitor must feel immediately welcomed!
B.) Your hosts and staff must be friendly, courteous and helpful - yet unobtrusive!
C.) Your accommodations must be clean, comfortable, and well maintained!
D.) Your breakfasts must be homemade, abundant, and note-worthy!
E.) Your room rates must be moderate and affordable by the majority of guests!
F.) That upon your departure you will leave relaxed and refreshed, and that you
should be looking forward (and hopefully planning) your return visit with us!

We trust that as you have read through and reviewed our site, that you will have discovered what has set us apart from other Bed and Breakfasts in Rockport MA, and throughout Cape Ann. Now, we warmly invite you to come relax & vacation with us at The Tuck Inn B&B - your "Home Away From Home".


Liz & Scott Wood
The Tuck Inn B&B
Rockport, MA

PS: We hope you will find our brief Bio's noted below of interest, and we look forward to meeting and pampering you when you come to stay with us!

Elizabeth (Liz) Wood

Liz Wood Liz, is the overseer of the day-to-day operations of the inn. Her day generally begins around 7:00 am when she starts the coffee, prepares the fruit and applesauce or rhubarb and sets up for the daily breakfasts. With the help of Wendy or Marjie, Liz is then the (hostess with the mostess) at breakfast, serving and replenishing the buffet, pouring coffee, visiting with our guests, and then helping you plan your day. Then once breakfast is cleaned up, Liz directs the rest of our staff with the housekeeping and takes charge of all the laundry (usually 6 - 8 loads/day). FYI, Liz is known for preferring to use the sun for drying laundry and has the best clothes yard in town. Throughout the day and particularly in the afternoon and evenings, Liz then takes charge of departing and incoming guests along with their needs; directions, informational queries, booking reservations or other requests. Before crawling into bed at the end of the night, Liz's last duty of the day is to usually set up for the next day's breakfasts. Although, Scott tends to get the bulk of the compliments for his baking (it's good for his ego), Liz is responsible for ensuring the cleanliness of the rooms, and the laundry, the room decor, and that the inn's operation runs so smoothly. A mild manner, her concern for others and her efficiency are huge assets in the running of our business, and she complements Scott perfectly as your innkeeper. Raised in Roslindale, Liz graduated from Tufts University and received her Masters Degree from The Frances Stern Nutrition Center. After twenty years of teaching at nursing schools and seeing private patients, she ceased working as a nutritionist in 1995 to devote all of her time to the running of the inn. She now enjoys spending whatever free time she has to perfecting the art of spoiling her four grandchildren, who you see around the inn on occasion, as we groom the next generation of innkeepers at the Tuck Inn.

Scott Wood

Scott Wood As part of the division of labor at the inn, Scott is the official baker. Scott keeps baker's hours and begins in the kitchen around 3:00 to 3:30 am until about 8:30 am every day. Scott then helps Liz with the remainder of breakfast before heading off to take care of any small repairs that might have come up, or he will help Julie with any painting or carpentry projects underway. Scott also handles a good part of the landscaping and yard work and enjoys planting the gardens, (with the aid of some spousal oversight of course). Then Scott is generally the half of the team that runs out to take care of the multitude of errands that crop up during the day. Lastly Scott's other main responsibility is handling the myriad amount of paperwork; from the bills, to the advertising, to the taxes, to the payroll to reporting responsibilities, that all falls into Scott's bailiwick. Scott was born and raised in Lynn, MA, where he and Liz lived after their marriage; remaining there until the inn was ready to be re-opened in 1992. Scott worked for Star Markets for about ten years before earning his accounting degree from Bentley College. After another 8 years as the Payroll Manager for the supermarket chain, he then moved on to work as the Accounting Manager for The Lynn Water and Sewer Commission for another five years. His wish to move on from the Water Commission along with a chance MLS listing in the local newspaper led to the purchase of the inn in 1991 - a career change which he has never regretted. Like his bride, he spends more than a little time spoiling and enjoying his nearby grandchildren.

Welcome to your "Home Away From Home"!

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